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VNR Healing

VNR Healing

Vagus Nerve Rejuvenation (VNR)

Nicola has, over a period of many months, been developing this new and unique healing modality to create an holistic way to assist many people with rejuvenating their Vagus Nerve. She has spent many hours researching and following Universal Guidance and is now ready to share this beautiful healing technique with you.

Firstly, the medical profession has and remains very quiet about this crucial nerve within the human body and yet it is a life force for every organ and human wellbeing.

When this nerve is under stimulated it has the potential to affect many parts of your body, which in turn manifest as malfunction and/or disease. When it is functioning at optimum levels there is every probability that you can live as healthy human beings.

Nicola said “developing this healing technique has certainly been an eye opener and it has great potential moving forward”. She would also like to thank Angela Andrade for her assistance bringing it all together.

What is VNR?

VNR is high vibrational energy, which not only stimulates the Vagus Nerve, but all your other senses too.

VNR uses a combination of sound, touch, crystal and many more therapeutic tools.

VNR can assists you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

VNR is relaxing, restorative, regenerative, refreshing and renewing.

What’s Next?

The next steps are to begin sharing this healing modality with you.


Date – TBC

Time – 10am – 5pm

Financial investment of £222 + additional costs for VNR healing tools.


Full Day Training



Crystal Tools Case Study Assessment

Follow Up Assessment Certificate (upon satisfactory completion of case studies and assessment)

Member of VNR Support Group

Occasional VNR Meet-ups

Ongoing Guided Updates


Proof of healing qualification.

Signed Undertaking.

Completion of two case studies (three treatments each).

VNR healing tools to be purchased two weeks prior to training day.

Deposit to be paid to secure training place upon booking.

Balance to be paid 2 weeks before training date.

Loving, Heart centred and commUnity aligned disposition.

If you feel you would like to be part of this commUnity and a pioneer with the VNR team.

Please contact Nicola Farmer on 07531264859.