Ascending Wisdom


Develop Your Natural Abilities & Awareness 

Do you want to learn techniques that will enable you to develop your own abilities, to reach your spiritual and human potential

We are all born with a strong Spirit and natural abilities.  We all have a strong connection to a higher power, an intuition that senses things and people that we learn to trust over time and some of us will be able to make connections with the Spirit World. But most of all we should be using all our senses every day to enhance our lives.

Personal Tuition/Development Options

Intuition  *  Spirit Connection  *  Healing  *  Energy Work  *  Meditation  *  Life  *  Practice Set Up

If this resonates with and you don’t feel you’re ready to join a class environment or you feel you would benefit from personal tuition then contact

Nicola Farmer for more information, +44 7531 264 859 or +44 1268 490 309.

This tutoring can be for absolute beginners or for people who are already on their spiritual path.

Sessions available in person or via Skype & FaceTime.